It’s time for this week’s Twitter Awards!

This week’s Twitter Thursday was epic!  It seems that while @NJSenatePres opened up a little over twitter last week, this week he is telling us how he really feels.  In light of this development, and the ongoing Winter Olympics in Sochi, we will be awarding only three winners this week.

The Gold goes to @mgdauber for eliciting this response.

The Silver goes to @BCzuj for this reply, casting some doubt on the certitude of @NJSenatePres related to gun issues.

Which brings up an interesting twist regarding this letter, from

Asked if he thought his letter wrongly implied he supported “concealed carry,” Sweeney responded with a joke. “I’ll have to talk to the Senate president to see what he thinks of it,” he told The Auditor.

Yes, you’re sooo clever.

Coming in with the Bronze today, we have @Kicking_Brass with this interesting tidbit.

Finally, as a note, we agree with this wholeheartedly.

Steve Sweeney’s twitter account likes to “respond” to tweets with a new tweet rather than as a reply.  It makes it nearly impossible to determine exactly what he is replying to.