“I’m not moving. They’re going to change.” – Emily Miller

emilygetshergunThat about sums up the feelings of gun owners, who gathered to hear Emily speak last night, when considering oppressive firearms laws.  This great event was held at the South Jersey Shooting Club.  Emily Miller appeared to speak and sign books, hosted by NJ2AS.  Emily gave a great talk.  She really seemed to enjoy speaking to a group of gun owners who share a similar experience when acquiring firearms.  Her topics focused on her introduction to the world of firearms ownership, her interactions with other members of the media, and the reactions of family members after her first gun purchase.  She also addressed those who encouraged her to “vote with her feet” and move to a more firearm friendly locale, “I’m not moving.  They’re going to change.”  Additionally she read some excerpts from her book.

Emily’s time concluded with a standing ovation from all the attendees.   After Emily’s talk, a question and answer segment was held.  Among the questions asked was one with which we have spent a great deal of time here pursuing.  How can each of us make a difference?  Emily took the question as an opportunity to encourage support for challenges to New Jersey’s “may issue” permitting scheme and the organizations sponsoring the lawsuits.

We have long been fans of Emily’s work, particularly her publicizing the treatment of veterans caught up in DC’s legal system due to their insane laws.  Thanks to Emily for making the trip to New Jersey to meet with gun owners here.  And also a big thank you to Theresa Marchitto Hubal for organizing the event.