NJ Appellate Court Rules Against Additional Requirements – Shelly Kennedy on Outreach

This week on Bold Departure, John and Mike discuss the NJ Appellate Court ruling in the case of Jeremy Perez.  We posted about this earlier today with an excerpt from the ruling, but we add some additional commentary in the show.  We are very excited to be celebrating a Pro-2A victory here in NJ.  Congratulations and thanks to Evan Nappen, Louis Nappen, and Jeremy Perez.

Next we discuss our appearance on the Politics and Guns Podcast.  We were very excited to join the crew over there for a full episode.  They are also sponsored by the New Jersey Second Amendment Society and are chock full of news and interviews with really great guests.  If you aren’t a fan of partisan politics, I wouldn’t worry, these guys are coming from a real gun owners point of view.

We close the show with another excerpt from our time with Shelly Kennedy.  This time we are focusing on the outreach taking place to women and non-traditional 2A groups.  The audio of the interview portion is also available  here: