Twitter Thursday Strikes Again, New Jersey Gun Owners Out in Force

Today marks the first “Twitter Thursday” for State Sen President Steve Sweeney in the new year.

New Jersey gun owners, led by the New Jersey 2nd Amendment Society, are out in force again.  They are demanding answers from Sen. Sweeney related to his support for even more draconian gun laws than those that already exist in the state.  But, with the violence in the state making new headlines there is an even stronger push for something to be done about New Jersey’s concealed carry laws.  Will the Senator Sweeney comment on the recent court ruling?  Will he answer any questions from concerned New Jersey gun owners, beyond the press release ready sound bytes he has offered on past “Twitter Thursdays”?  We will find out.  Up to now, he hasn’t answered one tweet.

As before, here are our favorite tweets from today.  Please retweet and favorite!  You can also participate in Twitter Thursday by using the hashtag #AskSenPres